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Private jet rental with Agence BLC

Take advantage of our benefits when chartering your private jet thanks to our partnerships with the leading air charter companies

Book your crewed yacht

If you are looking for a yacht for 2 or more people, Agence BLC can offer you the best possible holiday.

The finest luxury watches

You've spotted a luxury watch on our site and it's bound to be exceptional, so take the plunge !

Luxury jewellery for ladies

Luxury jewellery, clothing and accessories on permanent display here

Agence BLC

Agence BLC opens the door to luxury

Do you have taste, style and ambition? Do you like quality products, prestigious brands and personalised service? Would you like to treat yourself or your loved ones to exceptional gifts? Looking for original and refined ideas for your leisure activities, your travels, your decoration?

Agence BLC

Your luxury area

We have selected a large number of luxury brands so that you can benefit from unique collections.

Your luxury area

The website dedicated to luxury products

Each month it offers a selection of top-of-the-range products and services in a variety of fields, including watches, clothing, jewellery, yachts, jet-privates, sports cars and travel.

A unique experience

The BLC Agency Experience

Agence BLC is not just an information site, it's also a site of inspiration. It invites you to enter a dream world where anything is possible.

Our watchword: Choose luxury and glamour with no regrets.

Agence BLC

management team

Original creations by talented designers and openings onto the favourite pastimes of the world's richest people, such as golf, polo, sailing and the casino.


They already know us

Agence BLC, le site qui vous ouvre les portes du luxe. Vous avez du goût, du style, de l’ambition ? Vous êtes au bon endroit


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